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10 reasons you should have a diabetic foot assessment by a Podiatrist.

  1. reasonsYou will be given a full diabetic foot assessment carried out by a Podiatrist (a foot specialist).
  2. A full vascular foot assessment will be carried out using a Doppler ultrasound machine where you are able to hear your foot and leg pulses.
  3. You will be advised as to which risk category your feet fall into for potential foot complications.
  4. You will be given tailored foot care advice based on the findings of your foot assessment.
  5. You will have the chance to ask the Podiatrist any questions regarding your feet and diabetes.
  6. The Podiatrist will make sure that you have understood every aspect of your foot assessment and why you are having each test.
  7. The Podiatrist will explain to you, how diabetes can affect your feet.
  8. You will be given footwear and hosiery advice.
  9. You will have the opportunity for a footwear assessment as well as advice regarding the type of footwear you should be wearing on holiday and when at home.
  10. A report of the findings will be sent to your Doctor.
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