sportsI hear myself saying often to my patients that our bodies are a chain and if one link goes wrong then this can affect the workings of the whole chain.

Patients will often require referral for Physiotherapy treatment or massage if they have come to me with a foot problem.

This is most apparent in patients who attend my practice with Sport injuries or sports related injuries. These are quite simply injuries that are caused by any form of sport or exercise. They can happen to any of us, not just athletes, and when they strike they can stop us from enjoying our passion or even just every day walking or daily activities.

It is with this in mind that Myself ( Sushila Patel) and Laura Hembling now have a clinic within the

BodyWorks Physiotherapy Practice Ltd.
Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
275 Rectory Road
RM17 5SW
Tel: 01375 375938

The Podiatry service is available there alternate Thursday mornings and alternate Wednesday evenings.

The Basildon Practice

38 Byfletts (Off Clayhill Road), Basildon, Essex


The Romford Practice

2 Surman Terrace, Princes Road off Victoria Rd, Romford, Essex