1. A disposable bowl is used in the foot spa every time you have a pedicure or foot spa treatment, eliminating the possibility of any cross contamination or cross infection.

2. You can have a relaxing foot spa treatment even if you have a verrucae or a fungal nail since your foot will be soaked in a disposable bowl which is then thrown away.

3. Kelly, the beauty therapist wears gloves with every pedicure.

4. All instruments and files that are used are sterilised.

5. CND shellac is the only gel nail product used by the beauty therapist and is for professional use only and can only be purchased when the appropriate certificates are presented.

6. CND shellac does not require any buffing of the natural nail unlike other gel polishes which in time can lead to weak thin nails.

7. Dr.Remedy nail varnish is the only nail varnish that is used and held in stock to purchase at the Surgery. It has been developed by Podiatric Surgeons in the USA who have a special interest in nail care. They realized a top reason patients come into their office was because of brittle, discoloured nails, often associated with the harsh chemicals found in nail polish.

8. The Dr.Remedy nail varnishes are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential carcinogens.

9. All beauty treatments are carried out in a private room within a relaxed atmosphere.

10. Any foot problems or concerns with your feet that Kelly may encounter can be referred to the Podiatrist.

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