Do you have verrucae?

  • The classic appearance is cauliflower type appearance.
  • Sometimes containing small black dots.
  • They can vary in size and numbers.
  • An early stage verruca can look like a small, discolored blemish on the skin, and be easily mistaken for a corn.
  • Sometimes a verruca can quickly spread into a cluster made up of many tiny verrucae.
  • Verrucea are usually unsightly and can be embarrassing.
  • Verrucae can be painless or painful.

A simple diagnostic test is to pinch the skin (like you would squeeze a spot) where you think you may have a verruca. If it hurts, you may have a verruca. Corns tend not to hurt if you pinch them, but hurt if you press them. Pressing a verruca is generally painless.

If you are still unsure before starting treatment, seek advice or treatment by a Podiatrist.

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