Ladies don’t we just love polished nails or even acrylic, fake or gel nails?

What you should know is that nail varnish or any cosmetic nail causes moisture to be trapped in your own nail and in the long term this can increase the chance of fungus infecting your nails.

This can cause the nails to be thickened, discoloured, or even black.

The fungus infection can also spread to the surrounding skin and for people with diabetes or poor circulation this can cause further complications.

Do not be disheartened there is a way to avoid these problems.

Just be selective as to when you wear your polished or fake nails. After all you don’t wear your best party dress to go to work in or to do the housework in do you?

So try to get as much air to your natural nails as much as you can.

But go ahead and

Make them swanky for those special occasions.

If you would like to find out about our newest LCN wilde Pedique treatment for nails  or you have discoloured nails and require advice then please call .


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