So of course you do, we love shoes, don’t we ladies? (and men of course!) but so many mistakes over the years, so many shoes stuffed in the cupboard hidden away.

Why are they so uncomfortable?

'Hey but they look so good!'

The answer to avoiding these pitfalls is very simple.

  1. Know your foot type.
  2. Know your arch type.
  3. Know your pressure points.
  4. Know your foot size. (So many people unsure as feet change shape and size over time)

Armed with this information you will always be walking pain free.

A foot scan will be able to identify your foot type.

Always think 'the right shoe for the right job' so ladies (and men) you can wear those fancy high shoes but please don’t walk too far in them.

They are your “sitting and looking fab” shoes.

Happy Walking and looking good.



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