Horizontal Heel Pain

"I visited the practice after suffering severe heel pain. After just one consultation, assessment, treatment and some very good advice; I am now pain free. I made purchases of shoes, slippers and orthotic insoles, which were all in stock. Altogether I am extremely pleased with the service and attention that I received."

Dave Hill  Harold Hill  Romford


Heel pain is one of the most common conditions which we treat, it is debilitating, distressing and disrupts all areas daily life.

There are many types of heel pain, the most common is plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the ligaments under the foot and usually occurs due to stresses and sprain of the ligaments under the foot.

Common underlying causes are a combination of poor mechanical foot function, tight achilles tendons and unsuitable footwear. 

Painkillers and steroid injections can help control pain but do not address underlying causes and the pain can return.

There are many podiatric treatments for heel pain, from our experience the best way of gaining not just short term relief but prevention of recurrences is by finding as many causes as possible and designing a treatment plan aimed at eliminating as many as possible.

If you have heel pain you do not need to accept and put up with it....there is help!

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